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More than ever, organizations need to solve for unprecedented challenges born of technology-driven disruption. We fuse global teams grounded in tech, digital innovation and analytics to help clients “Solve for X.”

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We are built to answer these questions.

You can change conversations by fusing storytelling with emerging technology. We’ll show you how.

Research shows that 1 in 5 work-related migraines are met with ridicule and judgement from coworkers. So in partnership with Excedrin, we changed the narrative for migraine sufferers in professional environments by fusing smart content, events and VR.

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You can drive business growth by adopting the media consumption behaviors of your customers.

Lead generation doesn’t need to be boring. Honeywell asked us to re-imagine the B2B storytelling experience. We responded with a network TV-quality live program that reached a global audience in multiple languages, and drove more inbound sales than any prior initiative.

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You can respond to issues in real time by leveraging new technology platforms.

When a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City, we quickly re-purposed our proprietary technology to match victims with fellow citizens who could provide temporary shelter.

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You can meet customer expectations in real time with new applications.

We’ve developed AI and machine learning tools that enable companies to communicate more effectively with customers in real time, at scale.

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The speed at which we need to digest unthinkables can be hard to process. Following fading conventions or using new technology without forethought of implications is not only inconsistent with reality, it’s fraught with risk.

Chris Perry
Chief Digital Officer

Why Solve for X?

Marketing and business leaders increasingly need new answers to communications challenges, including who to reach, how to deliver programs that reach them and how to set new benchmarks to prove work with worth. To these challenges and more, Weber Shandwick brings a bespoke approach to client needs to help anticipate how emerging trends may change the game again.

A purpose-built global service for clients who want a more innovative, results-oriented approach.

We’ve spent more than a decade building dynamic teaming and a talent model inclusive of analytics, strategy, creative and technical expertise required today. This team embedded in our business is the backbone of a fully integrated network ready to “Solve for X’ around the world.Our Offerings

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