Media Genius:
What Comes After the Coherence Crash

We created Media Genius to be a perspective agent — to illuminate the new, weird, and sometimes alarming effects of digital media on society, culture, and human behavior. And today a coherence crash is unfolding before our eyes, exemplified by the decline of existing world orders like religion, marriage, higher education, and trust in media and government. All heightened by major climate events, technology acceleration, and the most critical election in modern history.

As part of our ongoing mission, we began researching how people seek meaning, coherence, and personal agency in the face of such widespread uncertainty.

What’s included in the research?

We partnered with Institute for the Future to conduct a global scan of behavioral change, including dozens of expert interviews and ethnographic studies, to track sense-making shifts happening around the world. The findings indicate how people are:

  • Evolving cultural, ideological, and religious conceptions of being
  • Adapting the sources they trust
  • Finding alternative means to build and maintain relationships
  • Altering understanding of health, well-being, and identity

Whether it's turning to astrology apps, AI therapists, WeChat community groups, or educational cheating services — we’re seeing that making sense of self, others, society, and health is inseparable from the highly inventive use of available technology.

Dig into study highlights above and share your perspective, questions, builds with us.

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